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What is Personal Branding?

If you search personal branding on Wikipedia you will find that it is the marketing of your self and your career.  When you define yourself via your work history, talents, abilities and personality and put it all in a, virtual, package along with your online presence to help you stand out from the crowd, you have created your own personal brand.  It’s you, your history, your experiences, your best attributes and your presence wrapped up nice and neat so that it’s readily presentable.

Thanks to the Internet, personal branding has reached new heights.  You can brand yourself online with a number of different online sites and have everything you need to market yourself right into a new career or to further your current career.  The sky’s the limit.

Personal Branding by Eternal Marketing Group TN


Where to Start with Personal Branding

There are a number of steps you can take to get started with creating your personal brand.  Getting everything set up can seem daunting but it’s worth the time and effort to further your future and to meet your career goals.  Let’s take a look at some options to get you started.

5 Ways to Kick Start Your Personal Branding

  1. Create an attention getting e-mail signature.  There are a few options that can make this a simple process.  You can always add your own text signature to your emails.  Be sure to include a link to your webpage, LinkedIn profile and others.  It’s important that people can connect with you and get to know you.  For styled options, you can use browser add ons like WiseStamp.  They have free and paid options, depending on the look you wish to achieve.
  2. Get on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a great way to connect with companies and brands. It is the primary source for hiring managers and recruiters, online.  Think of it as your online resume.  This is your first impression, make it count.
  3. Create a Google+ Profile  A well thought out Google+ profile can help you turn up in search engine results, especially on Google.  Proper use of keywords and phrasing can help you get your name and expertise in front of the companies you want to work for.  You can even link to your LinkedIn profile from here.
  4. Use Google to Stay in the Know.  Google Alerts is a great way to find out about new jobs that open up.  Set up  alerts by location, industry, company, etc.  You could also set up alerts for a specific company that you are interested in.  This would be a great way to impress an interviewer with your knowledge of what’s going on with the company.
  5. Get Social and Stay That Way!  Social media is THE way to stay connected with what is going on in the world.  Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are great ways to gain insight into companies that are hiring, job market trends and more.  Twitter, is a great platform to chat it up with companies, hiring managers and brands.  Facebook can let you get a little more personal.  Instagram is a visual platform and can help you get a feel for the personality or atmosphere of the company you are interested in.  This also works in reverse, for companies that may be interested in you!

These are just a start to how you can kick start  your personal branding to help you find a new career.  You can also revamp these options to help further  your current career.  Whether you’re seeking promotion or new possibilities, getting yourself “out there” is the best start.  Here, at EMG, we can help you put your best foot forward.  From setting up accounts and creating professional (but personable) profiles to crafting email signatures, setting up Google Alerts and updating your current online presence, EMG want to help  you help yourself.  Contact us today!



The premier, of Season 5, of The Walking Dead was on October 12th.  If you’re on social media, at all, you are sure to have seen/heard something about it.  It’s everywhere!  That means it’s great for business!!  Why?  Because it’s everywhere!!

the walking dead logo

We are halfway through this season and it’s still everywhere!  Each week, people post Facebook statuses, share memes and tweet about The Walking Dead.  Thousands of shares, likes, retweets and comments happen each and every week.  Why not get in on the action?

Even if you’re not a fan of The Walking Dead, you can still get plugged into the hype.  Look at Hyundai.  They had the opportunity to get one of their vehicles into the show.  It was a getaway car.  They went for it, on a whim, thinking that The Walking Dead would burn out after a season or two.  Wrong.  Dead wrong.  Hyundai’s VP of marketing, Steve Shannon, said they couldn’t come up with enough social media contests and promotions.  They have even unveiled a zombie edition to one of their vehicles.  They also have given away Shane’s green Hyundai!

the walking dead hyundai

From asking fans to suggest upgrades to zombie cars, to creating a zombie-related app, Hyundai has done a bang up job when it comes to their relationship with The Walking Dead.  Have you seen the Hyundai Chop Shop app where you create your own vehicle?

There are even memes circulating.  But you don’t  have to be a show sponsor to see the impact.  The social media reach, alone, is enough to tempt businesses into adding a #TheWalkingDead to their tweets or updates.  Think of the eyes that will see what you’re selling.  But there’s a catch, you have to do it right.

hyundai tucson walking dead meme

Whether you are a florist, or a mechanic, you can tap into the power of The Walking Dead, especially on social media.  Create images, ask questions, interact with your customers and followers when they comment or share your information.  Offer discounts, play The Walking Dead trivia and offer prizes and deals for winners.  No matter what your business is, you can tap into the power of The Walking Dead in a number of ways.  If you just can’t see how or need a little help with wrapping your head around the creative aspect, contact us.  We’re glad to help you use The Walking Dead to keep your business alive!

Why You Need a Blog?

The internet is saturated with all sorts of blogs.  Mommy blogs, foodie blogs, craft blogs, pet blogs, and on and on the list goes.  It seems like everyone is blogging these days.  With so many blogs out there why should you bother starting one?  It all comes down to one, very important, word; engagement.

A 2011 article on said is best:

“If you are running a business website without a blog, you are missing out on some big opportunities to engage your prospects and increase website traffic.”

Why Every Business Needs a Blog

It still the truth, years later.  Engaging with your audience, customers, etc is the one surefire way keep your site (and your business) growing.  Without connecting with the people you are trying to reach, there’s no point in even having a website.  What good is it to have a site that offers services, or products, but doesn’t set you apart of encourage your audience to take action?

Add a blog and your prospects have something to read, someone to connect with and a direction in which to move.  The learn about you, who you are, what you like and how you operate.  They can post comments, share posts on social media and get immediate interaction from you.  Their next step is scheduling an appointment or consultation.  It’s the open door that prospects need in order to become paying clients.

How Do I Get Started with a Blog?

It’s best if you blog is hosted on your same domain.  Otherwise you will not benefit from the added traffic.  Get started by talking with your designer and/or hosting provider for your website.  Discuss options for adding a blog to your current site.  Adding a blog, to your business site, can increase your site traffic.  For instance if your blog address is, readers are still on the site and increasing page views and visits.  This increases your likelihood of connecting, making a sale or simply having them return to see what other topics you cover.  If you monetize, with ads, that means increased revenue!

Once your blog is added, you can begin brainstorming content ideas and reaching out to your target audience.  The best thing that your blog can do, for your readers, is inform them and help them solve their problems.  Check out your competition and see what they are doing.  Then do more or do better.  There is always something to improve upon.  Whether it’s your own idea, or someone else’s, if there is a way for your audience (potential customers) to benefit, they will return again and again.  Repeat visitors become repeat customers.

If you are ready to talk about adding a blog to your business site, we can help.  If you have a web host and just need help with content creation and strategies, we can do that too!  Contact us today for help maximizing your potential through a business blog.



Looking to grab a marketing deal in Spring 2014? If so, here is your chance! Eternal Marketing Group is not limited to working with the industries listed below, but we have been brainstorming some unique ideas that we would like to see come to life. We love to experiment and we would like to hook you up in the process. Contact us at 865-816-9864 for details. Opportunities are limited and only one business will be selected in each industry.

  • A Pigeon Forge Hotel/Motel
  • Extreme Couponer (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Massage Therapist (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Gatlinburg Cabin Rental
  • Mexican Restaurant (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Soap or Candle maker (Knoxville area)
  • Tanning Salon (North/East Knoxville area)
  • Auto Dealership (Clinton Hwy or Asheville Hwy area)
  • Wedding Planner (Knoxville area)
  • Event Venue (near Downtown Knoxville)
  • Chimney Sweeper (Knoxville area)
  • Interior Decorator (West Knoxville area)

In 2014 Eternal Marketing Group is adding new services to our repertoire. Below is a full list of how we can save you time and money throughout this new year and for years to come.



1.  Corporate branding
2.  Advertisement copywriting
3.  Marketing Consultation
4.  Marketing research
5.  Marketing strategy development
6.  Concept development
7.  Product launching
8.  Artist album launching
9.  Online advertising campaign planning
10.  Promotional sales models
11.  Brand Ambassadors
12.  Guerrilla & Experimental marketing
13.  Concert planning & promotion
14.  Event management
15.  Street team management
16 .  Off Premise tasting
17.  Data Collection / Registration staff
18.  Secret shoppers
19.  Product demonstration & trainers
20.  Trade show / Road show staffing



21.  Billboard design
22.  Direct Mail Design & Marketing
23.  Point of Purchase Display Design
24.  Logo design
25.  Catalog design
26.  Kiosk design
27.  Fleet graphics / Vehicle wraps
28.  Print Newsletter design
29.  Event ticket design
30.  Company Mascot creation
31.  Flyer design
32.  Restaurant Menu design
33.  Table Tent design
34.  Event Photography
35.  On-location product photography
36.  Image editing /re-touching / Photoshop



37.  Media planning
38.  Media placement
39.  Radio commercial buying
40.  Television media buying
41.  Newspaper & Magazine ad buying
42.  Radio commercial scripts
43.  Television Commercial scripts
44.  Audio production
45.  Audio editing
46.  Podcast / Sermon transcription
47.  Video production
48.  Video editing



49.   Poster distribution
50.  Sign distribution
51.  Vinyl banner design
52.  Channel Letter signage
53.  Roll label design
54.  Car magnet design
55.  Bumper sticker design
56.  T-Shirt design
57.  Window cling design
58.  Business Cards
59.  Real estate signage
60.  Book Cover design
61.  Rack Card design
62.  Door Hanger design
63.  Print ad layout
64.  Brochure design
65.   Product packaging design



66.  Social Media planning
67.  Facebook page setup / integration / planning
68.  Google Places setup & verification
69.  Twitter account setup / integration / planning
70.  Pinterest account setup / integration / planning
71.  Google + account setup / integration / planning
72.  Youtube account setup / integration / planning
73.  Vimeo account setup / integration / planning
74.  Tumblr account setup / integration / planning
75.  iTunes Podcast setup
76.  Facebook advertising campaign
77.  Social Media Training
78.  Online community creation (Social Network)
79.  Email marketing campaign planning
80.  Email list management
81.  Email newsletter creation
82.  Mail Chimp / Constant Contact integration



83.  Website Design
84.  Website Re-Design
85.  Designing a unique header for a blog
86.  User interface design
87.  Website banners
88.  Website copywriting
89.  Content / Blog post creation
90.  Keyword and Key phrase research
91.  Online reputation management
92.  Search Engine Optimization Planning
93.  SEO plugin integration (Yoast / All-in-one SEO)
94.  SEO copy writing
95.  Blog Planning
96.  Reservation system integration
97.  Website Mobilization



98.  Web hosting
99.  E-commerce enabling
100.  Domain registration
101.  Domain transfer


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