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Picture Sizes for Social Media

Before we get into what size your original picture should be, let’s take a look at the sizes needed for different social media platforms.  Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or YouTube, you want to make the most of the real estate offered by profile picture, timeline covers, etc.  So, here’s a quick rundown of the main dimensions you should be aware of.  We will go into more detail for each platform, later, in individual posts to help you make the most of each social media account that you have.

social media picture taking guide

Facebook Image Sizes*

Timeline Cover:  851 x 315 pixels

Profile Image:  200 x 200 pixels

App Images:  111 x 74 pixels


Twitter Image Sizes*

Background Image:  2000 x 1200 pixels

Profile Image:  81 x 81 pixels

Brand Banner:  520 x 260 pixels


Pinterest Image Sizes*

Profile Image:  160 x 165 pixels

Enlarged Pins:  735 x Auto Adjusted pixels


Google+ Image Sizes*

Cover Photo:  2120 x 1192 pixels

Profile Photo:  270 x x 270 pixels


LinkedIn Image Sizes*

Profile Image: 200 x 200 pixels

Company Logo: 100 x 60 pixels

Company Cover: 646 x 220 pixels

Company Square Logo: 50 x 50 pixels

Services Page: 100 x 80 pixels


YouTube Image Sizes*

Cover Art:  2560 x 1440 pixels

Safe Area:  1546 x 423 pixels (this is the minimum viewing area for all devices)


Best Original Picture Size for Social Media

Looking at all of the dimensions above, where does one start with the proper picture size for all platforms?  I really lean toward the saying “Go Big or Go Home” when it comes to original picture sizes.  Whether it’s a logo, vector or photograph, bigger is better.  Larger pictures can easily be scaled down.  Smaller pictures are not to friendly for re-sizing.  Stretching them too far will ruin their quality.  So what’s the minimum?

YouTube seems to have the largest width in a cover area.  It comes in at 2560 pixels.  So, I would say to start with pictures, or images, that are at least 3000 pixels wide.  This allows you a few hundred pixels for cropping and re-sizing when you need them for other platforms or on a blog.  Keep in mind that some platforms do require you to upload an image that is the exact dimension specified.  Pay close attention t the guidelines given on each platform.  We will, again, touch more on this in upcoming posts.

If you save a large original (high resolution) picture you will be set for all of  your branding and social sharing needs.  Generally, your original image should be 300 dots per inch (dpi).  This will be best for printing and re-sizing.  As you re-size and save the picture you can change your resolution to lessen the file size.  For use on computer only, 72 dpi is ok.  For printing at home, 150 dpi will work just fine.  For commercial printing and photo printing you will want 300 dpi  images.  More detail on this is to come.

If you need a high resolution head shot or product photo, a logo designed that will carry across your brand, business cards, a vehicle wrap or other marketing materials created…we can do all of that and more.  Contact us for a consultation and we will help you with all of your marketing needs.


*correct sizes as of 1/7/2014


Looking to grab a marketing deal in Spring 2014? If so, here is your chance! Eternal Marketing Group is not limited to working with the industries listed below, but we have been brainstorming some unique ideas that we would like to see come to life. We love to experiment and we would like to hook you up in the process. Contact us at 865-816-9864 for details. Opportunities are limited and only one business will be selected in each industry.

  • A Pigeon Forge Hotel/Motel
  • Extreme Couponer (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Massage Therapist (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Gatlinburg Cabin Rental
  • Mexican Restaurant (East/North-Knoxville area)
  • Soap or Candle maker (Knoxville area)
  • Tanning Salon (North/East Knoxville area)
  • Auto Dealership (Clinton Hwy or Asheville Hwy area)
  • Wedding Planner (Knoxville area)
  • Event Venue (near Downtown Knoxville)
  • Chimney Sweeper (Knoxville area)
  • Interior Decorator (West Knoxville area)

In 2014 Eternal Marketing Group is adding new services to our repertoire. Below is a full list of how we can save you time and money throughout this new year and for years to come.



1.  Corporate branding
2.  Advertisement copywriting
3.  Marketing Consultation
4.  Marketing research
5.  Marketing strategy development
6.  Concept development
7.  Product launching
8.  Artist album launching
9.  Online advertising campaign planning
10.  Promotional sales models
11.  Brand Ambassadors
12.  Guerrilla & Experimental marketing
13.  Concert planning & promotion
14.  Event management
15.  Street team management
16 .  Off Premise tasting
17.  Data Collection / Registration staff
18.  Secret shoppers
19.  Product demonstration & trainers
20.  Trade show / Road show staffing



21.  Billboard design
22.  Direct Mail Design & Marketing
23.  Point of Purchase Display Design
24.  Logo design
25.  Catalog design
26.  Kiosk design
27.  Fleet graphics / Vehicle wraps
28.  Print Newsletter design
29.  Event ticket design
30.  Company Mascot creation
31.  Flyer design
32.  Restaurant Menu design
33.  Table Tent design
34.  Event Photography
35.  On-location product photography
36.  Image editing /re-touching / Photoshop



37.  Media planning
38.  Media placement
39.  Radio commercial buying
40.  Television media buying
41.  Newspaper & Magazine ad buying
42.  Radio commercial scripts
43.  Television Commercial scripts
44.  Audio production
45.  Audio editing
46.  Podcast / Sermon transcription
47.  Video production
48.  Video editing



49.   Poster distribution
50.  Sign distribution
51.  Vinyl banner design
52.  Channel Letter signage
53.  Roll label design
54.  Car magnet design
55.  Bumper sticker design
56.  T-Shirt design
57.  Window cling design
58.  Business Cards
59.  Real estate signage
60.  Book Cover design
61.  Rack Card design
62.  Door Hanger design
63.  Print ad layout
64.  Brochure design
65.   Product packaging design



66.  Social Media planning
67.  Facebook page setup / integration / planning
68.  Google Places setup & verification
69.  Twitter account setup / integration / planning
70.  Pinterest account setup / integration / planning
71.  Google + account setup / integration / planning
72.  Youtube account setup / integration / planning
73.  Vimeo account setup / integration / planning
74.  Tumblr account setup / integration / planning
75.  iTunes Podcast setup
76.  Facebook advertising campaign
77.  Social Media Training
78.  Online community creation (Social Network)
79.  Email marketing campaign planning
80.  Email list management
81.  Email newsletter creation
82.  Mail Chimp / Constant Contact integration



83.  Website Design
84.  Website Re-Design
85.  Designing a unique header for a blog
86.  User interface design
87.  Website banners
88.  Website copywriting
89.  Content / Blog post creation
90.  Keyword and Key phrase research
91.  Online reputation management
92.  Search Engine Optimization Planning
93.  SEO plugin integration (Yoast / All-in-one SEO)
94.  SEO copy writing
95.  Blog Planning
96.  Reservation system integration
97.  Website Mobilization



98.  Web hosting
99.  E-commerce enabling
100.  Domain registration
101.  Domain transfer


You might have a better mouse trap, but if people don’t know you have it, and they don’t know where your door is, there will be no path beating…

Everyone Has an Opinion About How to Boost Blog Traffic

When talking to someone knowledgeable about blogging, the internet and social media, you will get a wide range of information about how to boost your traffic.  Many people will try to tell you that you have to pay for some sort of service or more in-depth advice.  RUN AWAY!  While the immediate info might be broad and varied, there are some very simple and practical tips to boost blog traffic.  Most of these will work for just about any site, not just a blog.

practical tips to boost blog traffic with eternal marketing knoxville tn

The 5 Practical Tips to Boost Blog Traffic

1.  Join Pinterest and contribute to group boards.  If you aren’t on Pinterest yet, you should be.  Blog posts with large, good quality photos or graphics are great.  When you can pin them and make them even more shareable, they’re even better!  Group boards are important because collaboration means you’ll reach more readers. Since multiple bloggers work together, these boards have larger followings, often in the thousands.  Pinterest is overtaking most other social media platforms for driving traffic.  This is especially true if you are pinning recipes, crafts, DIY projects and/or amazingly cute baby photos.

2.  Automate Social Sharing and maximize your time.  If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instgram and LinkedIn (or others) then you already know how much time it can take to share on each and every network you use.  Even just a few minutes each can quickly add up to many hours per week.  The good news is that you can automate much of this process through platforms like HootSuite.  You can run your RSS feed through the program and it will automatically share new content to your preferred platforms for social media sharing.  You can also manually post to multiple networks or schedule posts for future dates and times for the best practice and time savings.  There are other platforms that can accomplish the same thing, it’s just a matter of personal preference.  Each has their own limitations may require a monthly fee for full feature access.

3.  Comment on other blogs.  This is a great way to network and be seen.  You want to start by choosing blogs similar to your own.  Staying within your niche is a way to build a great network to work within.  Once your start networking you can build the interaction and eventually you may guest post on other blogs or work together to cross promote for a brand or event.  If other bloggers love your content then readers will as well.  Bloggers can be picky and critical but it’s all for the greater good.  Experienced bloggers know what it takes to build traffic.  Get under someone’s wing and learn all that you can.  When commenting on other blogs, make your comments relevant.  Nobody likes spam and you definitely don’t want to be THAT blogger.

4.  Link up!  When you have a great giveaway or event, list it on sites that are made for this purpose.  They work FOR you and many offer free services.  Your event will be promoted to thousands of fans.  Make sure that your contest or event is well laid out, terms are clear and nobody is left guessing.  Important details are a clear prize description, retail value of your prize(s), start and end dates, who is eligible to win and if there are any limitations.  There are sites just for linking up giveaways, Twitter parties, Pinterest hops and more.  Google is your friend.  Also see where other bloggers are linking up.  Bloggers are always talking and if you’re listening you will pick up on some true gems!

5.  Get listed!  Take advantage of listing your blog directories and review sites.  There is a list of these that is a mile long.  What is effective for you will not be effective for everyone.  It will depend on your niche, audience and writing style.  Four great sites to get started on are Blog Lovin, Crunchbase, Reddit and Digg.  Be sure that you read their terms, learn how they work and ask around for best practices.

These practical tips to boost blog traffic are something that you can use whether you are a part-time blogger or want to make the push into professional blogging.  They will  not all prove successful for every blogger.  Know your niche, know your audience and – most importantly – write, write, write.  Content is king and ultimately is what keeps readers coming back again and again.

If you’re looking at this list and thinking “Where do I find the time?”  We can help!  One of our favorite things to do, is to help you free up time to keep doing what you love.  Let us help you with these practical ways to boost blog traffic.  Contact us for a consult and be on your way to better blog traffic.

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